Betty Martinez is a licensed real estate agent. She is a real estate broker with 20 years of experience.
She will ensure that all the real estate transactions are lawful, that all paperwork is correct and complete, and that all capital, such as funds in escrow accounts, are recorded and reported properly.
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Betty specializes in luxury real estate in the world-renowned Dorado, San Juan tourist districts such as Condado, Isla Verde, Miramar and Guaynabo.
If you are buying Betty will offer a full-respectful service to handle the full circle of the buying process of your new home from start to finish and handling closing.
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If you are selling your property Betty will offer a full-respectful service to handle the sale of your home from start to finish, listing the property, staging, marketing it, and handling closing.
If you are looking for a real estate agent who has the experience and trajectory of successful stories , you found it! Betty will help as a buyer’s agent or to market your listing. Betty, will do everything possible to help you reach your real estate goals.
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Looking to move to Puerto Rico... Betty can help understand and help execute a relocation to Puerto Rico. Betty can serve as a buyer's agent or seller's agent.
We have the experience and the knowledge to make your move more smooth and adequate for you and your family.
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